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We provide a complete range of end of life planning solutions, enabling you to protect your wishes & hard earned assets, for those you love.

These include will writing, property trusts, lasting powers of attorney, funeral plans and a probate support service.

Qualified Will Writers

1st Choice Wills & Probate are members of the Institute of Paralegals. This means in addition to being qualified to write wills, powers of attorney, property trusts and other legal documents you can expect to receive a professional and caring service. The video below highlights the benefits of using a Paralegal as an alternative to a will writing solicitor. 


We have standards to maintain in order to remain members of the profession. A badge at the foot of this page verifies our membership of the Professional Paralegal Register (PPR). 

Legal Writing Services

1st Choice Wills & Probate are a legal writing service in Bolton, serving clients, in person, throughout Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Yorkshire. We now provide “contactless” legal writing services LOCALLY and NATIONALLY. Our high quality, low cost legal writing solutions are provided on a fixed fee basis. This makes wills, trusts and lasting powers of attorney affordable and accessible. We are available for enquiries, phone consultations and online chat support during weekdays, evenings and weekends. These done for you services, delivered to your door, means anyone can easily get their will or other legal documents written.

Our flexible and accessible services combined with fair fixed pricing, differentiates us from many will writers and will writing solicitors in Bolton, Greater Manchester and beyond. A FREE phone based consultation is available to you under no obligation. If you have any questions or would like to book our services please get in touch.

Why make a Will?

Most of us don’t like to think about passing away. It’s practically a taboo subject. Therefore many of us put off making a will, and any related provisions, for our loved ones. It has been estimated that over 60% of the population fail to make a will. Paradoxically we like to assume that we leave a legacy behind. However one cannot exist without the other. 

Wills Protect Your Legacy

Without a will, you do not decide who inherits what. As a result, you die intestate which means that the law decides for you. Many people assume that their partner or spouse will automatically inherit their estate. However, this is not necessarily the case. See CELEBRITY CASES.

Planning for the inevitable is the only way to ensure your wishes are met. A professionally constructed will, along with estate planning, can also help protect your assets for the benefit of those you love.  Don’t delay, contact us about our will writing service, or for a FREE no obligation chat.

Will Writing Key Features

Will Writing in 3 Steps

We identify your needs

We draft your will

You sign


Will Writing

Your appointment is made at a time to suit you. It can be conducted remotely over the phone or by video call. If necessary it can take place in the comfort of your home with COVID safe protocols in place. There is no need to take time off work or make special journeys. The meeting is usually complete within an hour. We use the information you provide to draft your will. Once written, it can be posted to you or hand delivered ready for signing and witnessing. Our will writer can oversee this stage with you or we can advise you on the process. Following the procedure ensures you are legally compliant which protects your will from being contested. We also offer a secure will storage solution, which safeguards your will from loss, damage or theft. Your will is then registered with the National Will Register. Most importantly this means that your executors will always be able to locate your original will. Copies are provided for you and your executors.

Property Trusts

Trusts can enable you to pass ownership of your property to loved ones, such as your children, without giving up your right to carry on living there. Should you need residential care in the future, the property would no longer be included in the local authority’s means test because it is not legally yours. This ensures that your hard earned asset remains in your family. The trust needs to be set up when you are fit and well, long before any sign of care is needed. We can discuss this with you anytime or when you are getting your will drafted.

Probate Support

In order to legally administer a will of someone who has passed away the executor(s) need to apply for probate. It is imperative that the executor(s) follows the process to the letter. Failure to do so renders the executor(s) liable, for life, for any debts or claims made against the deceased after the estate has been distributed. In order to mitigate this risk we provide a support service to enable you to apply for a grant of probate. Our charges are less than that of a solicitor, saving you money and stress at an already difficult time. We are qualified to provide this service and carry full indemnity insurance, giving you complete peace of mind. For further information or a quote please contact us.

Power of Attorney

A Lasting Power of Attorney enables one or more people you nominate to handle your affairs if you become unable to do so. This could be due to an accident or illness. Your spouse or next of kin do not automatically have the authority to act on your behalf. This is what an LPA enables them to do. Tackling this after the fact is a much slower and more expensive process. Should you recover, you resume control and make your own decisions. There are two types one covering health and welfare and the other covering property and financial affairs. Please contact us for further information or a quote.

Funeral Plans

The average cost of a Funeral today is between £5000 – £6000 and you could be leaving the burden of that cost with your loved ones. Every year this cost keeps rising, well above inflation. If you do not have a plan in place the Funeral you end up with may not be the one you would have wanted. Arranging a Funeral Plan means you can choose the service that you want, the people you would like to be there, even the music and style of send off that you would want. Pre-paid Funeral Plans are available from under £1000 up to £4000. There is also a self funding plan which can return your full premium (Effectively FREE). Click here for details then contact us to get your exclusive code to secure any of these plans along with a Free will. 

What Clients Say


Excellent service. Anthony was very professional and explained everything in easy to understand terms. He managed to meet all my expectations and produced a quality will, and even arranged to oversee the signing.
wills in bolton customer
Brian Padgett

Great Value

We asked Anthony to set up powers of attorney for us and update our wills. However, he also showed us how to protect our property and put it into a trust.​
1st choice wills & probate customer
Patsy Allen


I asked Anthony to prepare my will, he did so in a very professional manor. Extremely punctual, polite and very helpful. I would not hesitate to call on him again for further advice...outstanding service.​
wills in bolton customer
John Grant